SPC Foundation


Item No#: SPC-002

Object Class: Safe

Special Protection Commons:

SPC-002 is to be containted in a 15 x 15 x 15
meter box with any transition metal with 3cm thick walls.
No personel with under level 4-002 clearance are to go inside
the box.


SPC-002 is a a cylinder with a radius of 20mm and a height of 20mm.
The object is plastic in appearance, although SCP-002 is 87██° C
when at an inactive state.

When SPC-002 is inactive no anomoulous properties appear other than
a extremely high tempature. The tempature does not apply to any transition
metals (and air), and thus they are used for containment. To activate SPC-002
it must be subjected to ███mh of Solatun*. In an active state, SCP-002 will
cause any individuals around a 2m radius to gain several anomoulous properties.
SPC-002 will become inactive 10 hours after exposure to Solatun ends.

*Solatun is an anonalous liquid sold publicly until intersecption in 18██.

SPC-002 Testing logs:

SPC-002 is activated
D-29187, D-92019, and D-45469 enter containment room.
D-92019 begins to [REDACTED] while [DATA EXPUNGED].
D-29187: WHAT THE FU-
D-29187 drops on the floor and grows a oak tree on their head
D-45469: Dr. █████, get me the hell out now.
D-45469 is allowed to exit, and the experiment is concluded.

Note: We had to terminate D-29187, and we're considering reclassifying
D-92019. D-45469 supposedly managed to escape effects by staying out
the 10m radius.