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Item #: SPC-4910

Special Containment Procedures:

All SPC-4910 (excluding SPC-4910-8) is not to come in contact with any indiviual
that has worked a bee farm in the last 12 months. SPC-4910 is to be contained
in a 2m tall, long, and wide box with 1cm thick soundproof greenhouse walls. To enter the
green house, personel must have advanced antimemetic training and are to use a
wooden door on one of the walls.


SPC-4910 is a collection of sentient apioforms that are highly aggresive when
interacting with bee workers. This effect is ineffective if it has been at least
12 months since last time of occupation.

As of May 26, 2021, there are 122 instances of SPC-4910, labeled SPC-4910-1
through SPC-4910-122. If untrained indivuals hear noise from an instance of
SPC-4910, they will exibit symtoms ranging from attepting to fly, imitating
noises by apioforms, and [REDACTED]. Trained indivudials will hear a voice from
one of the instances inside their head, although the exact quality of the voice
vary from indivual to individual

Instances will refer themselves as common English names when in speech, such as
"Bob", "Kyle, "Vannessa", and others. These names will not change from interaction
to interaction, making it relatively easy to identify instances of SPC-4910.

If any previous person has worked in a bee farm in the past 12 months, they will
be stung (excluding SPC-4910-8, see Addendum SPC-4910-A by all instaces that see the indivudial.
This person is now designated as SPC-4910-A and will [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting into a new instace
of SPC-4910.