Item No#: SPC-9283

Special Protection Commons: SPC-9283 is to be protected in a 3 gallon tank in Zone-32. It is to be held under constant video surveillance at all times. Deviances in the viscosity of SPC-9283 are to be reported to the Overmind immmedietly. Any and all fissures created by SPC-9283 shall be censored from live maps.

Description: SCP-9283 is a blue-green fluid with variable viscosity. Approximetely every 15 months, the viscosity of SCP-9283 changes, which immediately creates a fissure somewhere on the Earths surface. This fissure usually heals in 5 minutes after creation.

Amorphous creatures have been observed rising out of these fissures during their breif period of existence. It is currently unknown if these creatures are sentient.