SPC-8008135: Godlike

Item No#: SPC-8008135

Special Protection Commons:
   SPC-8008135-pA is to be kept in a locked case only openable with the Overmind's Arthropod
   SPC-8008135 is not to be played without clearance from the Overmind. This applies to
   you too, BLLLLLL.

SPC-8008135 is a calculator game coded for the █████████ Graphing Calculator. The
afformentioned calculator has been designated as SPC-8008135-pA. The game has the
anomalous property of forcing everyone who plays it to enjoy the game a lot, refer to it
only as "The Ultimate Godlike", and eventually turn into a female human breast.

Addendum 8008135-0:
  hehe nice classification wall
Addendum 8008135-0-1:
  Shut up, Bllllll. I need to have a little laugh sometimes too.